Gear up the meeting with QA:s

Gear up

Embrace creativity

Be creative and design your own questions. Add an element of interactivity and let participants share their thoughts.  

Manage the feedback from the participants more easily. And it can all be saved for later.

Embrace the techy stuff

You don’t have to be a tech wiz to master Cultup’s QA. Use the tool for asking specific questions to the participants, only with a few clicks. See a visual representation immediately. The data is efficiently turned into easily digested information.

Improve the meeting experience using Live Q&A:s!

Simply type a question and select how you want your audience to respond. It could be a word cloud, or by making a choice between multiple answers that you specify. Or perhaps just simply a free text type of answer. It's up to you.
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Dare to try something new

Engage your audience

Skip the tiresome part at the end of the meeting where people ask all the questions. Instead, change the game and let people join in with comments and questions more frequently. Our special Q&A feature makes it easier for you to manage the questions from the participants.

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