Company values are more than a policy document

Not everyone reads the corporate memo: work culture is created over time. Get the chance to measure and adjust the gap between the company’s desired values and the actual behaviours of the employees with Cultup Culture Insights®. Scientifically proven, of course. As a result, the satisfaction and productivity of the employees will increase.

Map desired organizational values

You will be able to identify values and behaviours that you want to be dominant in your organization. These are mapped together based on the expertise of our specialists, a psychologist and a developer, into the Cultup Cultural Insights® model (CCI).

Measure values & behaviours in real-time

Visible behaviours based on certain values are continously measured in the meetings in your organisation.

Close the gap

The gap between desired and actual cultural behaviours in your organisation is presented live and updated daily. Now the magic happens: you will receive solid advice on what attitudes to strengthen and how to close the gap!

Map desired company values

Map your company values into the scientifically proven model Cultup Culture InsightsⓇ (CCI). Gain knowledge of desired behaviours connected to your company's values.

When using CCI, you will collect live data on how your company culture is performing.

The connection between values and behaviours in your organisation and their relation to your HR strategy becomes clear.

Cultup is the no. 1 tool for your employer branding work.

You will finally have statistics and data on your company culture to review and discuss in your management meetings.
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Measure & Analyze

  • Measure behaviors and values in meetings

    Your meeting organizers track values and behaviors (live everyday) in their meetings as a part of their meeting quality measurements in order to improve work culture. Cultup's Culture Insight clears the fog and the road forward will be visible.

  • Analyze behaviours & values

    See how behaviours and values are trending over time.

The Gap

  • Visualize the gap

    The GAP between your desired culture and the measured values and behaviours are clearly illustrated in Cultup Culture Insigths (CCI). Cultup lets you identify and further analyse the gap and trends in the company culture.

  • Close the gap

    Do not only settle for identifying the gap in your culture, also get clear instructions on how to close the gap using Cultup Culture InsightsⓇ. The tool will give you great tips on what behaviours your organisation needs to improve.

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