One tool. Two problems solved

1) Cultup helps meeting organizers to create great meetings in a fun way, backed by science.

2) Secondly, HR and management can establish the right values and behaviours of the organisation. With Cultup, they will get support in turning those values into a tangible reality in the workplace.

Organize meetings to perfection

Set a solid agenda from the start and communicate the goal of the meeting clearly. Let everyone give input and get people inspired! When brainstorming and having fun together in the team, new ideas are formed. Live and learn in the moment. The tool is perfect for planning everything from a kick off meeting, to workshops or in-service training.

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Improve company culture at the core

Track values and behaviours - with the help of science. Cultup Culture Insights® is at your service. You are able to find glitches between work culture and work policies easily and learn how to eliminate the gap. The tool is especially useful if you have just welcomed a lot of new employees, are scaling quickly or need to address and work with ongoing issues.

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